Racing car burns rubber off its tires

Credit: getty Images/ Toa55

Street Drifters Shut down Woodall Rodgers

Fast and furious car group in Dallas

October 16, 2019

It is the middle of rush hour around 6 p.m. in Dallas when a group of Dallas drift racers planned to block traffic on Woodall Rodgers to do tricks beneath Klyde Warren Park, this past Saturday.

A car group used some of their own vehicles to block off all the traffic lanes to allow the other riders to pull off their stunts, burnouts and donuts underneath Klyde Warren Park.

Footage of this wild and interesting stunt went viral on social media. It hit thousands of views that same evening. 

YouTuber TuroVlogs uploaded the video below of his entire day with Dallas drift racers, with footage of the Woodall Rodgers stunt starting at around the 5:20 mark.

TuroVlogs wrote in his video caption,” Yeah, as crazy as it sounds it definitely happened. Joker Brother’s meet was a success as they tore up the Dallas streets. Stay tuned and stay blessed.”

Via: D Magazine