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A Women Found A Nuts Surprise In the Hood Of Her Car

This Is Nuts

October 9, 2019

A Pennsylvania woman was driving to work and smelt something burning coming from her car, she texted her husband and he told her to pop the hood to take a quick look and shockingly saw a bunch of nuts and grass that squirrels must have hidden in the trunk of her car! Squirrels were using her car to store nuts for the winter!

She sent a picture of it to her husband, he drove to her and they were pulling grass and nuts out of the hood of her car for about an hour. He posted it on Facebook to show everyone to start checking under the hood of their cars just in case. The couple got their car check a little later after to make sure everything was okay. 

He said. "looked like they were storing up for the next 3 winters. Was absolutely pun intended"

 So it's always good to check under your hood not just for nuts that squirrels may hide but also when it gets cold cats tend to take cover there too.

Via Yahoo News