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Full List Of PlayStation Classic Games Released Making It A Holiday Must Have

Some classic Games Include The Original Grand Theft Auto And Tekken 3

October 29, 2018

Sony is getting ready for the holiday season by bringing back a classic. It was announced in September that Sony planned on releasing The PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of Sony’s 1994 original PlayStation console. Now the games that will be preloaded into the console, set to release December 3, have been announced.

Some of the classic games from the original console include; Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken 3, and many more. While it is still unknown if more games will be added or if there’s any way to add content to the console through online services, PlayStation’s plan of targeting fan nostalgia seems to be working with this recently released list of games.

The console will not be using actual discs, as the original did. Instead the preloaded games featured will be all that’s on the system for now. The system comes with two wired controllers, along with the 20 classic games. The miniature version of the classic system is new for Sony, but not for the gaming public.

The release of the PlayStation Classic comes on the heels of Nintendo’s success with the NES and SNES. The NES, released in 2016, is a tiny version of the classic NES game console. This system included 30 preloaded games, included the classic ‘Mario Bros.’ While the new Sony system will feature classics, it is unknown if there will be any form of backwards compatibility, as Sony has done with previous gaming consoles.

The December 3 release is just in time for the holiday season. It will make the perfect gift for any new or previous gamer. It will hit nostalgia players, along with those looking to learn some gaming history. The PlayStation Classic with sell for $99.99

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