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Sofia Vergara Ordered By Judge to Pay Ex Almost $80,000 In Legal Fees

Judge has ordered Sofia Vergara to pay her ex Nicholas Loeb.

October 21, 2019

A judge ordered Sofia Vergara to pay her ex $76,433 in attorney's fees and $2,959.26 in costs amid their legal battle which adds up to $79,392.26. 

The couple broke up in 2014 but before they wanted to have a child via surrogate so the couple went through the IVF process and saved some embryos and froze them, but before then they both signed a contract saying they can only be used if they both consented to have the child.

After the couple broke up her ex fought to bring the embryos to full term but she argued that it goes against their agreement. 

Two pre-embryos were created and survived to use to make a baby and still remain at the facility.

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