[Video] This Chimpanzee Uses Instagram Like A Pro

The Video Of The Chimpanzee Using Instagram Already Has Over A Million Views

April 25, 2019

Modern technology is so simple, even a monkey could use it. A video has gone viral showing a chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram like a pro. For anyone who struggles using social media, don’t worry this video will give you hope.

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In the video, the chimpanzee can be seen scrolling through an Instagram feed. He swipes back when the video he watches is complete, and goes to search for another he’s interested in. While the chimpanzee may not have his own profile, he’s well on his way to social media fame.

Social media influencer, Mike Holston, who goes by the Real Tarzan on Instagram, often posts videos of his chimpanzee. However, the video of the chimp expertly scrolling through the social media app has quickly gone viral.

This now very famous chimpanzee has racked up over a million views on the video, which was posted on Sunday. While many were amazed by the chimpanzee’s skills, some were discouraged knowing a chimpanzee can do something they do so frequently. Just wait until this chimp learns how to take selfie.