Woman Pulled Into Water After Shark Attacks While She's Feeding It

July 3, 2018

Here's just a tiny smidge of advice.  Sharks are SUPER dangerous predators.  They're awesome to look at, but let's keep a safe distance, yeah?

A woman wanted to go ahead and hand-feed some sharks while sailing in the waters off the northwestern coast of Australia.  She was feeding the group of tawny nurse sharks when one of them thought her fingers looked extra delicious.  The shark latched, pulled, and she was yanked right into the water.

Melissa Brunning amazingly did not lose a finger in the incident, and escaped the incident relatively unharmed.  She said, "I came up and I said I've lost my finger and I couldn't even look at my finger because I thought it was gone, and I thought if I looked at it I'd probably go into shock."  While nurse sharks are normally tame, they will bite defensively when they feel threatened.  The bite fractured Brunning's finger, but she's lucky only to have suffered that.

She admitted she was wrong trying to feed the sharks and discouraged others from trying to do the same in the future.  "Just be mindful of your surroundings and don't feed sharks," she said.