Serena Williams Crushed Everyone In Beer Pong At Royal Wedding After Party

May 22, 2018
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USA Today

It might have been Harry and Meghan's big day but Serena Williams apparently stole the show at the after party. The 23-time Grand Slam major winner attended the after party hosted at the Frogmore House.

A reception attendee says Serena took home the gold in beer pong, claiming, "Sere­na Williams played beer pong like it was tennis." For those of you who don't know, beer pong is a popular drinking game, which involves trowing ping pong balls into cups full of beer.

Challenging a wold champion athlete to a game of beer pong sounds pretty hard on the liver, but that sure is a story you can tell your grand kids one day.

Serena came prepared too. She actually wore sneakers under her Valentino gown. Williams wrote, "be careful I tend to be comfy for long nights."

Via Business Insider