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Rockwall Boy Gets Personal Tour Of Plano Water Tower After Dressing Up As The Water Tower

November 6, 2018

Jack, who's only 5 years old, had a very creative costume that took him to tour a Plano water tower.

His mother, Rachel Barfield, says that her son has an weird obsession with the city of Plano and the water towers. It's crazy because the family lives in Rockwall, 20 miles southeast of Plano.

His obsession started after watching a Plano water tower being demolished during a news coverage. He then had that obsession ever since. 

His mom says when Jack grows up, he's going to move to Plano and work at the water tower. 

The city of Plano and their parks and recreation department gave him a T-shirt, hats, and all sorts of goodies during his trip. As you can tell, he's very happy about it!

Jack has a bright future ahead of him!