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'Rocketman' Sountrack Will Have Very Little Singing From Elton John

May 2, 2019

Elton John's "biopic" is coming out in less than a month, which means the sountrack to the movie will also be out.

According to AV News, the soundtrack will only have ONE song sung by Elton John and actor Taron Egerton, meaning Elton John himself, will only sing this ONE song on the soundtrack.

John talked about why he made this decision:

"It was so important that the music I composed and recorded had to be sung by Taron. I left Taron in the hands of Giles Martin, who I trusted implicitly because he's brilliant. I didn't want to be in Taron's shadows, watching over the process, I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and listening back I've been astonished with the results."


via AV News