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Robert Plant Praises Freddie Mercury In Resurfaced Video

The Led Zeppelin Frontman said “He Sang Them Better Than We’re Going To”

August 27, 2019

When it comes to frontmen, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury are arguably the two greatest, but what did they think of each other? Queen was often compared to Led Zeppelin early in their career, but each band was able to stake their claim in music history. Now, an old video has resurfaced of Robert Plant discussing the Queen singer, and showering Mercury with praise.

--Robert Plant on Freddie-- . A big happy birthday to the legendary @RobertPlantofficial who turned 71 today --❤-- . For me Robert Plant has always been the second best frontman (Freddie being the 1st of course) because of his raw sex appeal and energy on stage as well as his unique voice and singing style -- . P.S. That triple "ready Freddie" gets me every time btw -- . A few personal words on the occasion of the Led Zepp man's bday: -- --It's no surprise that whenever there's a poll of the best songs of all time Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven always come on top... And it's funny how I came to know Led Zeppelin through Queen! You might have heard how much the two bands were actually compared in the early days of Queen.  They are both the most classic of the classics of rock music and timelessly brilliant in their own ways -- . --Watching the tribute concert, it amazes me that even the iconic Robert Plant who was extremely flamboyant himself can not hold up the torch to Freddie's songs and he bravely admits that and let's not forget that he's no 'popular' singer. He's a freaking ROCK GOD! -- . --I also love Robert as a person, as well as a performer, because of his integrity and commitment to preserving authenticity. After Bonham, he and the rest of the band could easily get a new drummer and carry on but instead they decided to "disband" and go on with their solo projects and that is why to me the Led Zeppelin name is still like an untouchable empire -- I still feel great respect and admiration whenever I read their last note to the public after Bonham died: -- "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend, and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were". -Led Zeppelin . I send you my best wishes and a "Whole Lottta Love" Sir Robert Plant ❤ . #FreddieMercury #RobertPlant

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In the video, Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant, seems to be a big fan of Freddie Mercury. He says during the interview, “Freddie Mercury sang all these songs originally, and he sang them better than we’re going to sing them. He sang them in the correct keys and sang them with confidence, and he sang them well.”

The video ends with Robert Plant filling the role of Freddie Mercury with Queen during a performance of the Queen hit, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’ The video was posted by the Freddie Mercury Fan Club on Instagram in honor of Plant’s 71st birthday. While the page is dedicated to Mercury, the people behind it are clearly fans of both iconic frontmen.

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