This Restaurant Serves Ice Cream Shaped Like Dogs

August 20, 2018
Dog Eating Ice Cream


Would you eat ice that looked like your dog?

The J. C. Co Art Kitchen in Taiwan serves a very realistic scoop of ice cream that’s shaped like a puppy.

If you didn't know it was ice cream, you would think it was a newborn puppy. The ice cream comes in three different flavors and breeds, earl grey flavored Labrador, chocolate Pug, and Peanut butter Shar Pei which is a very popular breed of dog in China.

They’re made by filling plastic molds and freezing them for five hours. Before they are served to costumes the artists add a pair of very real eyes.

The dog shaped ice cream is such a big hit that the restaurant is having a hard time keeping up with the demand, and are only serving 100 a day.

What do you think? Check out the pictures below,

Via: The Straits Times