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Kanye West Was Seen In Ft Worth On Saturday At The Museum Of Modern Art

Why Was The Rapper In Ft Worth, And Did He Go On A Wild Rant?

November 5, 2018

Ft Worth got some excitement over the weekend, as Rapper Kanye West was spotted at the Museum of Modern Art. At first it wasn’t clear why West was in appearance at the museum. There were a number of exhibits going on, but it did not appear he was there to take in the art, as he was spotted in Café Modern, the restaurant that accompanies the museum.

The museum has said it was a surprise appearance by Kanye West, as they did not know he was coming, and had nothing scheduled with the rapper. While many in attendance were shocked to see the famed musician in attendance, according to Tracy Georges, who posted a picture of West on Facebook, everyone in attendance showed respect, and didn’t bother him, other than a few sneaky cellphone pictures.

Kanye West, and his constantly flowing twitter fingers, made no mention of his trip to Texas, which made many speculate why he may have been at The Museum of Modern Art in Ft Worth. Some thought maybe it had something to do with Tadao Ando, who designed the museum, possibly designing a home for West. Maybe it had something to do with his personal connection to the museum, as in the summer the museum hosted an exhibit by pop artist Takashi Murakami, who designed the cover for Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ album.

The Modern was not the only place West was spotted around town. Kanye was also seen at Defenders Outdoor Shooting Range north of White Settlement, and later the Dallas Observer reported he was seen outside Maple Leaf Diner, along with making an appearance at the Kimbell Art Museum. The Kimbell is currently hosting an exhibit by Cristobal Balenciago, who has a connection with the rapper.

While Kanye West kept quiet about the trip to Texas, it was a great surprise for those who got to see the star. There were no reports of blowups or wild rants, which is good for the museum, but would have been loved by those in attendance. Hopefully his next trip to the lone star state will be a little more news worthy.

Via Ft Worth Star-Telegram