Queen Latifah's Mother Has Passed

(Photo by Anthony Behar/Fox/PictureGroup)

Queen Latifah's Mother Has Died

March 22, 2018

Queen Latifah suffered a major loss on Wednesday.

In a statement to People, Latifah said, “It is with heavy heart that I share the news my mother, Rita Owens, passed away today. Anyone that has ever met her knows what a bright light she was on this earth… She had struggled with a heart condition for many years and her battle is now over.”

The two of  them appeared in this PSA to promote awareness of heart disease in women:

“I watched her come through so many things, ups and downs, hospitalizations – I mean really being in the ICU for that matter – you know, going through tough times and watching her come back and bounce back and still maintain this sense of humor, and love and drive and will,” Latifah said of Owens in 2015. “I just love her so much more, I respect her so much more. She really just gives me hope for life and the world.”

Queen Latifah compiled ten caregiving tips based on experience with her mom.

Our hearts go out to her and all of Rita's loved ones.