Angry woman in yoga class

Credit: Getty Images/ Koldunov

Profanity and Obscene Gestures Are Part of Rage Yoga

A new way to release negative energy

October 16, 2019

Yoga is one of the biggest physical, mental and spiritual practices. It uses the technique of body and mind raising consciousness developed around the sixth or fifth century BCE. Today yoga is a trending practice of deep breaths and meditation, but now yoga has an alternative twist to its usual practice.  It is called “Rage Yoga.”

Amanda Kauffman a Yogi instructor said she has practiced yoga for many years. She found a new technique called "rage yoga" two years ago and she instantly vibed with the new technique.

She now teaches rage yoga and says, “Here, you can be yourself.” The technique differs from traditional yoga.  “Instead of calming your mind, you’re bringing everything out.  You’re going to push it, and it’s going to be loud.”

The class typically has loud, explicit music and class attendees are encouraged to scream, cuss and do obscene gestures.

The rage started in Canada and has migrated across the U.S.