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Possible New U2 Album To Be Totally Different From What They've Done In The Past

We're excited!

September 26, 2019

The Irish band has a new album in the works that will be sure to surprise fans!

While preparing for their tour U2 also has a new album planned out that will have a much different sound than anything they have done in their past albums.

Ryan Tedder lead singer of One Republic, Songwriter/Producer was contacted to work with U2. Tedder has mentioned they will work on some songs when he is in Los Angeles.  

Tedder says "I think it's their intention to make a record completely different from the last two. It will be easier. You know, it's like a pendulum. When you make a very produced album, with so many instruments in it, the next project you want it more sparse and you wonder: what if the disc had the sound of four musicians playing in a room?"

Ryan Tedder has confirmed working with U2 but U2 has not confirmed anything yet.  

Via The Irish Post