Kevin Winter / Staff

Plan for Twenty More Years of Metallica

September 26, 2019

In a recent interview with "Pollstar", Lars Ulrich said that he and his fellow band mates have no plans to stop recording new music and performing as long as they're physically able to do so.  

He also spoke about their ongoing tour "WorldWired'' that began in 2016.  

"When people go, 'How long is the tour?' Maybe to my early-to-mid-70s and then as long as we can keep going without, you know, falling prey to the physical ailments that can cut these things short," he said. "Knock on wood."

"I'm pretty sure that the notion of us playing or functioning when we're 76 mentally is not a stretch at all. In terms of the desire to want to play music, connect with each other, connect with the fans and take METALLICA music, I think that we can, definitely. I mean, obviously, you know, sanity/insanity aside — which some could argue is certainly a part of what we do. But I'm not worried about that side of this. I think that we'll always be inspired." He added.  

"So hopefully there's a few years left in the tank, physically. Like I said, I'm not worried about the mental side of it now."

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