[PHOTO] KFC's Valentine's Day Giveaway Will Offer A Colonel Sanders Bearskin Rug

February 6, 2019

Die hard fans of KFC, you might want to add this to your Valentine list.

Y’all feeling romantic? We made a Colonel Sanders Bearskin rug for Valentine’s Day because we love you. You can win the rug and some other date-night items on Reddit. (Link in bio)

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The restaurant chain is offering a Valentine's Day package to their die-hard fans and getting a chance to win a Colonel Sanders-themed bearskin rug.

"I'm no dating expert, but the only thing I can think of that's more romantic than eating fried chicken on Valentine's Day, is eating fried chicken on a faux bearskin rug created in the likeness of the greatest chicken salesman of all time," says Chief Marketing Officer of KFC, Andrea Zahumensky.

In order to get a chance to win this Valentine's package is the following:

-Create something hilarious or awesome with the rug using Photoshop

-Use a "narrative" that centers the KFC-themed "romantic vignette".

-Or you can draw something using the rug in the picture, painting, etc.

The three winners will receive the faux bearskin, pajama onesies that's chicken-themed, a gift card from KFC, and free online streaming for a year.