[PHOTO] Arlington Officer Saves Man's Life Outside AT&T Stadium, Reunites

January 9, 2019

An Arlington police officer reunites with a man who saved his life after a Cowboys game back in December 9th.

Jeff Kempf, his wife and friend were on their way out in their vehicle where he had suffered a heart attack. Sergeant Vanessa Harrison was on post on Randall Mill Road and Collins Street to guide traffic where she heard a cry for help.

"When I got there he was sitting in the driver's seat unresponsive. My immediate thought was to get him out and start compressions," Harrison says. "The whole time I was doing CPR his wife, her friend were praying over him. That just really stands out for me."

A few days later, Harrison got word that he had survived the attack and is recovering.

Not all heros wear capes!


via FOX 4