Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder

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After Six Years Pearl Finally Releases New Album

Pearl Jam is rumored to drop new album in November

September 9, 2019

Fans have patiently waited for six years for Pearl Jam to release new music. The wait appears to be over!  There are various rumors circulating of the band finishing their new album recording with a release date in the upcoming months.

It is being speculated that the band will release their new album around November. There is even talk of a possible double album.

There has only been official confirmation from Dimitris that the November release is something the band is shooting for, but there is a chance it could be delayed.  They are still in disbelief that the album has a great possibility of dropping this year, and they hope all the hype comes true.

In an interview with Mike McCready in May he said, “I hope a album comes out this year.”

He made the same claim in April 2013, before their last album dropped.  Is he hinting that history will repeat itself? Fans will find out soon.


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