Paris' Eiffel Tower Closed Due To A Trespasser Who Was Trying To Climb It

May 20, 2019

Getty Images


The famous Eiffel Tower in Paris was closed on Monday because someone was trying to climb up the famous landmark.

Witnesses say you could see someone dangling from the side of the structure.

Local police and firefighters were on scene, including a climbing specialist, to grab the climber from the tower.

French police says the person was a male, they don't know how he got past the security cameras and it was unclear what was his motive.

Officials haven't spoken about when the tower will reopen.

Back in 2015, British 'freerunner' James Kingston, climbed the tower without any safety ropes and without permission.

The tower is 1,063 feet tall, equivalent to an 81-story building.


via WFAA