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Oregon Woman Lived 99 Years With Her Internal Organs On Wrong Side Of Body

April 16, 2019

Oregon doctors are saying that this woman lived a remarkable life even with her internal organs misplaced.

Rose Marie Bentley died at the age of 99, but discovered that her major organs were on the wrong side of her body when she was born.

Doctors mentioned that she lived so much longer with this condition that they thought possible.

"My mom, really was a neat lady," says daughter, Ginger Robbins. "They told us most people didn't live past five that had this".

Bentley donated her body to science, where professors and students at the Oregon Health and Science University discovered her condition.

"This condition is called situs inversus with levocardia and there are a couple different forms," says OHSU professor Dr. Cam Walker.

"It's really kind of like, everything in her chest cavity, in her body, it's like reversed like a mirror reversal," Robbins says.

"It's the first case that I've seen," Walker says. "It may be the only case I see."