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Steakhouse In New York Offers Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever For $150,000

The Turkey Comes With Gold Flakes, And The Stuffing Comes With Keys To A Maserati

November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is a great day full of tradition, family, gratitude and great food, but there is one thing that has always been missing from the holiday; extravagance. Well thanks to Old Homestead, a steakhouse in New York City, you can add some luxury to your holiday this year. Of course luxury comes with a price tag, and at this restaurant the price is $150,000.

For the second year in a row, Old Homestead is offering a Thanksgiving meal you will never forget. Breaking the record they set last year of $76,000, this year’s $150,000 dinner is a now a record for most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. For that kind of price one would expect more than just a meal, so naturally this dinner comes with more than just food.

The dinner will be prepared with the world’s finest ingredients, but the big ticket item is inside the stuffing. Burrowed inside the $135 per-pound turkey is keys to a 2018 Maserati Levante. This would explain the outrageous price tag, but the meal itself is worth quite a bit as well.

The $135 per-pound turkey is free range and organic, and is sprinkled with flakes of gold. The stuffing is made from sourdough that costs $75 and comes from the U.K., as well as a $425 pork mix imported from Japan and$2,500 per-pound white truffles. The meal that feeds 12 also includes mashed potatoes that include #325 per-pound white cheddar cheeses, along with butternut squash that is topped with $1,600 an-ounce black caviar form the Caspian Sea.

Of course there is plenty more extravagance throughout all the dishes. This meal from Old Homestead steakhouse in New York cost more than 2,600 times the average Thanksgiving dinner, so if you and 11 of your wealthiest friends want to start a new tradition this year, this is the perfect place for you! Finally the missing ingredient has been found, who knew that it would be gold?

Via Yahoo! Finance