Dogs in a Car

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Small Town Is Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers Caught Holding Their Pets

November 27, 2018

We’ve all seen that one lady driving around the neighborhood while holding her little dog. 

Not in this town!

The small town of Mantua, Ohio is about to implement a new distracted driving law. Not only will law enforcement be cracking down on drivers caught texting and driving, but any drivers that are holding their pets while behind the wheel.

The mayor of Mantua, Linda Clark is in full support of the pet provision in the new law. 

“It’s going to create issues when you’re trying to turn or if a dog sees something and they move around that they could obstruct your vision, so it’s a matter of keeping the animal safe as well as the driver.”

The new law states "Writing, sending, or reading a text and the use of a cellular device for internet-based interactions is a primary offense. In addition, drivers will not be allowed to hold an animal or allow an animal to distract their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely."

The new-distracted driving law will go into effect on December 20th of this year. 

According to a Facebook post from the Mantua Police Department, “A first offense is a minor misdemeanor. A second offense within one year or any offense that causes a traffic accident would be a misdemeanor of the third degree.” 

Drivers will still be able to take phone calls without being ticketed, according to police. “The use of a cellular device to make a telephone call or in conjunction with a hands-free or blue tooth device is not against the law.”

Better buckle up your furry little friends the next time you take them out on a drive.