North Texas Middle Schooler Wins Best 'Doodle For Google' Drawing, Will Represent Texas For Competition

May 31, 2019

If you didn't know, some of the doodles that you see on the homepage of Google is usually done by middle and high school students.

Christelle Matildo, a middle schooler from Lancaster, has won the best "Doodle for Google" for the state of Texas. 

"I was very impressed. I had to double-check the age. I was like, 'This is done by an 8th grader? Wow'", said Molly Bierman, Google Program Manager. 

"I drew the icebergs the penguins and the polar bears because it's about global warming," said the Elsie Robertson Middle School student.

Her drawing will represent the great state of Texas and will go up against all 50 states and a couple of U.S. territories. 

"It makes me nervous about it, so I'm going to text everybody who I know to vote for me," Matildo said.

The voting starts on Monday, and you can click HERE to cast your vote.


via NBC 5