North Texas Expert Says Dog Owners Are The Healthiest

July 9, 2018
Dog Owners Are The Healthiest



Dog owners will say they knew it all along! Some recently gathered information says that people with dogs are more active than other pet owners or non-pet owners, and they're more likely to meet their fitness goals.

Kristin Duckworth is a physical therapist at Vista Rehab in Prosper. She says with their daily walks, dog owners get in about 2,700 more steps each day. That amounts to them being active for about an extra 23 minutes per day.

"When you look at adults needing about 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, those extra 23 minutes each day walking the dog or playing in the backyard really make a difference," Duckworth says.

Duckworth says because dogs demand exercise, their owners are more likely to be pushed onto a healthier path and stick to good habits.

"The dogs reap the benefits too," she says. "They live healthier lives when they're paid attention to and loved."

But whether you own a dog or not, there are benefits to having any kind of furry friend. Those include reduced stress and lower blood pressure.  

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