Treasure Found In NY


New York Couple Finds Stolen Safe With Thousands In Jewelry and Cash

May 16, 2018

Recently, while doing landscaping work in their backyard, New Yorkers Matthew Emanuel and his wife Maria-Colonna-Emanuel of Staten Island made an amazing discovery!

As trees were being dug up, a large metal box with a combination lock was found, hidden amongst the trees.

When workers opened the box, they found around $16k in cash, plus jewelry, including diamonds and rings.

Total value of the stash = approx. $52,000!

In addition to the treasure, a note inside contained an address, which they tracked down to a neighbor.

Come to find out, 7 years ago, the neighbor's house was burlarized, and thieves took off with the safe. Guess they hid it, but never returned.

The safe and it's contents were returned to the rightful owner.

More details, video, and learn more about what happened, via WCBS-TV.