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New Study Shows Ice Cream For Breakfast Is Good For Mental Health

The Study Done By Yoshihiko Koga Had Subjects Eat Ice Cream In Morning And Perform Computer Tasks

July 22, 2019

Every kid dreams of the day they are old enough to eat ice cream for breakfast every day. While most adults grow out of this fantasy, it is mostly due to health instead of desire. However, a new study says ice cream in the morning is actually good for mental performance.

A study done by Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo, had subjects eat ice cream when they woke up, and then tested their mental acuity with tasks on a computer. What was found was that those that ate breakfast right when they woke up were more mentally alert.

Those who ate ice cream in the morning had a faster reaction time, and it wasn’t just due to the cold temperature. The study also tested people with cold water in the morning, and while they were more alert, it wasn’t as much as those who ate ice cream.

Professor Koga has studied the connection between food and the aging process, and while he is yet to find a direct connection, he believes ice cream triggers positive emotions. This is why he believes ice cream in the morning is good for mental health, and it seems like plenty of people are ready to agree.

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