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The Internet Is At It Again, As People Are Now Throwing Cheese At Their Dog

These Videos Are Too Awesome To Not Watch

November 16, 2018

The internet has done it again! We’ve seen the memes and the dance crazes. There are plenty of cat pictures to go around, but now people are combining dogs and slices of cheese to create glory. People are posting videos of them throwing slices of cheese at their dogs, and the reactions are priceless.

It all started with Matthew Elias, a video editor from Windsor, Ontario. He started this new trend last week, when he posted a video of him throwing cheese at his dog, only for the dog to completely ignore him as it sits on his back. His dog’s name is Charlie, and his stealth nature has many on the internet jumping to do the same with their dogs.

According to Matthew, “I’ve been throwing cheese at stuff and laughing about it since I was a kid, so naturally once I ran out of inanimate objects to throw cheese at I thought I’d see if my dog could catch it.” While his passion for throwing cheese at things hasn’t led to any career achievements, it has now given him some online notoriety.

Matthew’s original video has now been retweeted over 20,000 times, and has led to plenty of other videos of people throwing cheese at their dogs. Check out some of the best videos below.

While some dogs have the same reaction as Charlie, others see the snack and pounce. Of course the internet isn’t just for dog videos, as plenty of people got their pets into the action, including cats, and even a bearded dragon! Thanks to Matthew Elias and his dog, we now have a new internet trend to enjoy.

Via BuzzFeed News