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NFL Inspired Video Of NASA Celebrating Successful Landing Goes Viral

The Two Engineers Practiced The Maneuver For 6 Weeks

November 27, 2018

NASA celebrated a big achievement this week, as the InSight lander reached the surface of Mars successfully. However, it was a video of some engineers celebrating that has gotten all the public praise. NASA posted a video of the team celebrating the accomplishment, and right in front two engineers did a handshake straight out of the NFL.

The two engineers watched the landing from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, and the moment it landed they executed the handshake perfectly. Of course they had practiced the maneuver for six weeks, before finally getting their moment when the InSight lander reached its destination. They explained the preparation, and what went into making their handshake perfect in a video NASA broadcasted on periscope.

While the two are getting a ton of praise for their excellent execution, they did not come up with the move themselves. They were inspired by an NFL touchdown celebration. The original celebration was executed by San Francisco 49ers players, Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne. The extremely elaborate routine was done after Goodwin scored a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL has a rich history of end zone celebrations, but NASA does not share that distinction. However, the two engineers made it look easy, doing there version just slightly slower and less energetic than the original. The two engineers spent their six week training period studying the film, and relentless practice sessions. Just like Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne, when they got their moment to celebrate, they took full advantage.

Of course, the reason for their celebration would be worth it for anyone taking part in the NASA mission. The InSight lander will help study the deep interior of Mars. If these two took six weeks to perfect their handshake celebration, imagine how much time and work they put into this mission. Hopefully like the NFL, this starts a new trend for NASA. Hopefully the next one, they pay homage to the Dallas Cowboys, and have an engineer throw popcorn all over their face.

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