Meghan Markle's Dad Thomas Visited Starbucks After Heart Surgery

May 22, 2018
Meghan Markle's Dad Thomas Visited Starbucks

Photo: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle's dad, underwent heart surgery last Wednesday, and according to TMZ, he was seen in Rosarito, Mexico yesterday at a Starbucks, preparing to enjoy a Frappuccino with whipped cream.

TMZ brings up a logical question, wondering if such a sugary beverage is a good idea after a recent heart attack, and surgery to repair the damage?

A celebratory moment of a surgery that obviously must have went well? 

Whatever the case, hope Thomas is adhering to medical advice and will be able to enjoy being a grandfather in the future.

More info HERE, plus his Starbucks pic.