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Mcdonalds Announces The Happy Meal Is Being Removed From The Value Menu Nationwide

The Childhood Staple Will See A 25 Percent Price Increase

October 24, 2018

Say it isn't so! Parents around the country have reason to be upset, as McDonalds announced its famous happy meal has been removed from the value menu. This has resulted in a 25% price increase for the child menu staple. 

While the most important aspect of the happy meal, the toy, will still be included, the price increase comes as a surprise after 10 months of being included in the $3 section of the $1, $2, $3 value menu. While many customers have reason to be upset over the change nationwide, there will still be a few select locations where the happy meal will still be included on the value menu.

McDonalds reported Tuesday a 2.4% increase in their quarterly earnings. A recent change to McDonalds, including sales promotions and store renovations, has seen popularity for the fast food chain increase. Yet, it wasn't enough to keep the beloved happy meal on the value menu.

Via FoxBusiness