Mark David Chapman, Who Killed John Lennon, Is Denied Parole For 10th Time

November 15, 2018

Mark David Chapman, who killed John Lennon of The Beatles back in December 1980, had a hearing for a chance of parole and says he regrets what he did.

"Thirty years ago I couldn't say I felt shame and I know what shame is now," he said during a hearing in August. "It's where you cover your face, you don't want to, you know, ask for anything," he adds. He feels "more and more shame" each year.

During the hearing, he recounted that fateful day where he called his murder "senseless". According to Rolling Stone, he used a hollow-point bullet, deadlier than any other regular bullet. 

"I secured those bullets to make sure he would be dead," he says. "It was immediately after the crime that I was concerned that he did not suffer."

The Board of Parole of New York denied his release because he might "tend to mitigate the seriousness of [his] crime" and possibly put the public at risk if someone wanted revenge on him.

He will continue to serve his 20 years to life in prision and he will be up for parole in August 2020.


via Rolling Stone