Joe Raedle / Staff

Man Called Police To Report Theft After His Subway Sandwich Went Missing

There Have Been no Arrests Made At This Time, As The Sandwich Thief Is Still On The Loose

May 27, 2019

An investigation is afoot for the case of a missing sandwich; a foot-long Subway sandwich to be exact. A man in Indianapolis recently called the police to report a theft after his Subway sandwich somehow went missing.

It is unknown at this time what led to the sandwich theft, as the circumstances were not immediately made clear. However, police were called to the scene of the crime, after the entire foot long sandwich went missing around 6:30 P.M. on Saturday.

Saturday’s crime is very similar to another incident that happened back in December. In that case, a foot long sandwich was stolen from a gas station in Florida. That case had some help, as the local police department posted a picture of the suspect to their Facebook page.

While it is unknown if the first sandwich thief was caught in Florida, police in Indianapolis are hard at work making sure no more sandwiches are stolen. There have been no arrests made at this time.

Via Fox News