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A Man Found A Pearl In His Oysters While Eating Lunch At A Manhattan Restaurant

Rick Antosh Will Keep The Pearl As A Good Luck Charm, Instead Of Selling It

December 17, 2018

Usually finding a surprise in your food is an unwelcomed discovery, but for one man who recently ate at a Manhattan restaurant, that surprise might be his new good luck charm. While eating oysters at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, Rick Antosh got a prize inside his lunch; a pearl that may be worth thousands of dollars. The pearl came as a welcome discovery, as according to Antosh, “this is a sign.”

Rick Antosh, who lives in Edgewater, New Jersey, was at Grand Central Station on December 1st, for lunch with a friend. The two walked into the Oyster Bar, inside Grand Central Terminal, expecting nothing more than a normal lunch, but ended up with an extraordinary prize and great story. Lucky for Antosh, he didn’t need to bite into the solid pearl in order to find it.

“We were engaged in conversation and all of a sudden, whoop, what is that?" Rick Antosh told the media after his rare finding. "I didn't bite on it, but I sensed something was odd. I thought maybe it was a filling or a tooth." According to the restaurant’s chef, this is only the second time in 28 years that he has had a customer find a pearl in their oysters.

While the pearl is likely worth thousands of dollars, Rick Antosh has no plans of selling the rare find. He won’t even have the pearl appraised, as he plans to hold on to it for good luck. “The end of the year, you know, for next year, this is a sign,” says Antosh. The chances of a pearl forming in an oyster are 1 in every 10,000, so Antosh may be on to something.

A rarity indeed, Rick Antosh will continue to eat oysters, one of his favorite foods, in hopes of beating the odds and finding another pearl. For now, he will have to cherish his one rare find, and hope that the pearl truly brings him good luck. Surely plenty of others will now be flocking to The Oyster Bar In Grand Central Terminal, in hopes of finding their own pearl.

Via CBS News