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Man Finds Long Lost Dog At Adoption Event

November 6, 2019

In a touching story that almost seems like it came out of a movie, a man has been reunited with his dog he lost years ago.  

Nick Pizio adopted his dog Lucy in 2015 with his now ex-wife, and while his divorce was happening, he lost Lucy as well.  

Then recently, while browsing through an adoption event posting on Facebook, he noticed one of the dogs pictured looked exactly like Lucy.  

Of course Pizio ran down to the event as soon as he could.  “We were both really anxious because we didn’t know if she was still at the event,” said his now girlfriend Shannon McCann. “I could sense Nick’s anxiety as he frantically scanned the store for the adoption event.”  

“Lucy recognized him right away,” McCann said. “When she saw Nick, she popped right up and was wagging her tail like crazy and had her face as close to the holes in the crate [where she was being kept] as possible so Nick could touch her.” 

“When we opened the crate to let her out, she jumped all over him and her tail wouldn’t stop,” McCann continued.  

Lucy is now back home where she belongs.  

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