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Man Realizes "Bison Don't Like Me" After He's Gored, Three Months Later, So Is His Girlfriend

October 1, 2019

Ever get the feeling some animals just don't like you?  

Well, unfortunately for Kyler Bourgeous, he didn't take the hint the 1st time he was attacked by a bison.  

In June, Bourgeous had a pretty scary encounter with a bison when he was gored and trampled by one while visiting a Utah state park. 

"I thought my incident was a freak accident with really bad luck with the positioning," Bourgeous said.  Luckily for him he was able to walk out of the hospital after just a few days.  However he didn't just leave with a few injuries, he now had a crazy story to tell a woman he met to break the ice.  

While on their date to the very same park he was attacked, he gave Kayleigh Davis some advice about how to behave around these animals.  "Stay still, so it doesn't come after you."  But what happened next was completely unexpected.  

While the pair were running down a trail, a bison charged at Davis flipping her into the air with it's head.  "While I was up in the air, I was like, 'Am I going to hit my head or my back? I don't know.' I was scared," Davis said. "He was … digging at the dirt like he's going to charge after me, but I stayed still and he stopped."  

The two are still dating, but Bourgeous said he doesn't plan on returning to that park anytime soon.  "I generally am not superstitious, but I have this weird feeling that the bison there really don't like me."

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