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Little Girl Ruins Toy Story With One Deep, Dark Thought

July 3, 2018

Dang! Kids are dark!

Toy Story is easily Pixar's greatest creation. It's not just a feel good story for kids, adults love it too! And admit it, we all cried in Toy Story 3 when the toys almost met their demise.

Ok, since we mentioned toy death...get ready because we're about to go into a bad place. In fact, one that may change how you see the film forever. Pixar gave us the idea that the toys can die right? Well, for one little girl, that thought sent her into a spiral of terrible thoughts.

Well damn..

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OMG! Andy would have no idea the toy was dead! He would horrifically be throwing around a dead body in front of all the other toy friends. Can you imagine the horror on Woody's face?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, how can we save this? We must save childhood! Surely Woody and Buzz would dispose of the dead toy body right???? Perhaps a burial at sea aka the toilet. Or maybe they let the dog "dispose" of it. Seriously, we can't have Andy playing around with dead toys.