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Skies Lit Up In Central Texas As Leonid Meteor Shower Begins

The Blue Fireball Seen Thursday Is The First Glimpse Of The Meteor Shower Expected Throughout The Weekend

November 16, 2018

The Leonid meteor shower has begun, as many are reporting around Texas that they have seen parts of the meteor shower light up the night sky. Expected throughout the weekend, The Leonid meteor shower is expecting to hit its peak on Saturday. There were 95 reports of the viewing, with many lucky enough to capture the sudden flash of light on camera.

A meteor is defined by NASA as a bit of rock that breaks off of an asteroid orbiting the sub. It then burns up as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes a light phenomenon in the sky, a rare but beautiful viewing experience in the night sky. If the meteor didn’t completely burn up upon reaching our atmosphere, and it hits the ground, it is then considered a meteorite.

When the rock hits the atmosphere, it usually causes a loud booming noise to be heard, sometimes even causing a sonic boom. This is known as a Bolid Meteorite, and happens when the space object breaks the speed barrier entering the atmosphere.

What happened in the night sky on Thursday happened very quickly, but many were able to see it if they were near clear skies away from light. What many saw was a large blue fireball darting through the sky before it eventually disappears. While it happens very quickly, some did report hearing a boom along with the blue light. Lucky for us, some were able to catch this on video.

It is unknown for sure if this blue fireball was caused by the Lenoid meteor shower, but most likely is a part of it in some way. The meteor shower is expected to occur throughout the weekend hitting its peak on Saturday at 6 PM. If you are interested in watching this meteor shower, get out to the country, where in Texas there should be a clear look at the phenomenon.