Lenny Kravitz Talks Emotions Of Walking His Daughter, Zoe Kravitz, Down The Aisle

The Actress Is Reportedly Getting Married This Weekend In Paris

June 29, 2019

Lenny Kravitz is sure to be shedding a tear or two this weekend. With his daughter, Zoe, getting married this weekend in Paris, the singer opened up about his feelings about her big day. According to Kravitz, the wedding will be “emotional for all the reasons anybody would understand.”

Actress Zoe Kravitz is reportedly planning to get married this weekend to actor Karl Glusman, and her rock star father is just as emotional as any parent would be. One reason the singer is emotional about the weekend has to do with his own mother. “that’s the one thing my mother talked about before she died, that she wanted to live long enough to see her granddaughter get married,” said Lenny Kravitz.

While the rock star certainly has plenty to be proud of when it comes to Zoe Kravitz, this weekend will surely be extra special for him and his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, as they watch their daughter get married. “She’s amazing, and she’s all the things that I would have hoped for,” said Kravitz. Needless to say, the emotions are already rolling for Lenny Kravitz.

Via People