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Judd Nelson Says No To A Reboot Of ‘The Breakfast Club’

The Actor Said It Can’t Be Done Without Original Director, John Hughes

July 19, 2019

If Judd Nelson gets his way, John Bender raising his fist at the end of ‘The Breakfast Club’ is the last we’ll get to see of that character. The star of the classic 1985 hit movie recently said he is not interested in a reboot. According to Nelson, it can’t be done without John Hughes.

Judd Nelson was attending the premiere of the new David Crosby documentary when he was asked about a potential reboot of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ With all the reboots of classics being made, it’s amazing this topic is just now being brought up. However, Nelson has no interest as he said “not without John Hughes, or his kids or family … With John Hughes, OK. But without him, how can they?”

According to the actor, the film can’t be done without its original writer and director. “We were lucky. It’s like a fast horse. We were lucky to get that ride, and not fall off, but it’s not us, so,” said Nelson. John Hughes died in 2009 of a heart attack.

While it seems a reboot of ‘The Breakfast Club’ won’t be happening, some of Nelson’s co-stars agree it shouldn’t be done. Molly Ringwald also seemed uninterested, saying “I don’t think it should be done and I don’t think it could be done because of the John Hughes estate.” There may not be a reboot coming, but at least we’ll always have the original.

Via US Magazine