Christian Petersen / Staff

'John Wick 4' And 'The Matrix 4' Set To Release On The Same Day

December 11, 2019

May 2021 is going to be a huge month for Keanu Reeves.  

This week, the official release date for the untitled ''John Wick'' sequel was revealed to be slated for May 21, 2021.  

But that's not the only mega action hit Warner Bros. plans to release that day.  

It was also revealed that the much anticipated "Matrix 4" will be released in theaters that very same day!  

It might strike some as odd that an actor would have more than one film releasing on the same day but it does tend to happen from time to time.  In March 2017, "Beauty and the Beast" and "T2:Trainspotting" both released on the same day with both films starring Ewan McGregor.  

Guess that just gives us an excuse to see two movies in the same day!  

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