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Joaquin Phoenix Developed A Disorder After Losing 52lbs For The Role Of Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Develops a Disorder

October 1, 2019

Joaquin Phoenix says the weight loss he had to do for joker made him developed a disorder.

Phoenix agreed to lose 52lbs for the role of Joker for the director Todd Phillips who thought the character should be thin.

Phoenix says  “Once you reach the target weight, everything changes, like so much of what’s difficult is waking up every day and being obsessed over like 0.3 pounds. Right? And you really develop like a disorder. I mean, it’s wild.”

Even though struggling mentally with the large amount of weight lost in such a short time period, Phoenix physically felt much better. 

“As it turns out, that impacts your psychology, and you really start to go mad when you lose that much weight in that amount of time,” Phoenix said.

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