Jenna Bush

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Jenna Bush Hagar Reveals George W. Bush Broke Her Nirvana CD

May 31, 2019

This week during an episode of ''TODAY" Jenna Bush Hager spoke about how her dad, former President George W. Bush, broke her Nirvana CD after hearing one of the songs.   

“My dad was always so good about letting us listen to the music we wanted to,” she said.  She wasn't certain which album it was, but did remember that it was some of the lyrics to one song he had a problem with. 

“There was a really bad song on it, which I’ll tell you during commercial, but my dad heard it,” the NBC host shared. “And my dad heard me playing it on my little Discman or whatever CD player.”

“Future leader of the free world listening to you listen to that. That’s terrifying,” Carson remarked.  “Yes, he was terrified.” She continued saying, “He broke the CD over his leg.”

“He never was mad like that. But this particular song really encourages, you know, I mean to hear your little daughter listen to it, you know what I’m thinking of,” she added.  

Of course we're sure we know which song Jenna was listening to.  It's only two words. 

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