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Jason Momoa’s Doppelganger Is A Contestant On The 21st Season Of ‘Big Brother’

Fans Have Quickly Dubbed Him “Jason Mimosa” After Another Contestants Mistake

June 26, 2019

There is a Jason Momoa look alike running around, and he just so happens to be a contestant on the 21st season of ‘Big Brother.’ Show contestant, Jack Matthews, has been compared to the ‘Aquaman’ actor since the first episode. Even the other contestants have gotten involved, but after one contestant butchered the actor’s name, now fans have started referring to Matthews as “Jason Mimosa.”

While many were quick to point out Jack Matthews’s resemblance to Jason Momoa since the start of the season, it wasn’t until a fellow contestant mispronounced the actor’s name, when comparing him to Matthews, that his clever nickname took off. Kathryn Dunn was trying to say her fellow contestant looked like the ‘Aquaman’ star, when she accidentally called him “Jason Mimosa.”

Fans quickly jumped all over this mistake, with many on social media dubbing Matthews “Jason Mimosa” for the rest of the season. For fans of the hit reality show, Matthews made in impact right away, after making an alliance with elected ‘Big Brother’ camp director, Jackson Michie. However, the casual fan is hoping Matthews sticks around for more Jason Mimosa shenanigans.

Via Yahoo! Entertainment