Japan Airlines

Tomohiro Ohsumi / Stringer

Japan Airlines Rolls Out New Online Feature That Shows Customers Where Babies Will Be Seated On The Flight

September 26, 2019

It's a fact of life that babies cry and scream.  Sometimes for a reason and sometimes for unknown reasons.  

But when you're on a airplane, and that baby next to you starts to throw a fit, chances are you don't care about those reasons.  You just want it to stop or wish you didn't have that seat next to them.  

Well now thanks to a new feature from Japan Airlines, you can avoid that problem all together.  

Now when customers book their flight on the airlines' website, people can see where babies will be sitting on the plane so you can choose your seat accordingly.  

Maybe someday other airlines will follow their lead and offer the same service.  

-story via fatherly.com