Alexander Koerner / Stringer

Instagram Like Count Ban Is Changing the Game for Social Media Influencers

July 24, 2019

In several countries around the globe, Instagram influencers are beginning to freak out over the social media's new update.  

Likes are no longer visible to other people.  

The new like count ban has gone into effect in countries like Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Brazil.  But it has yet to make it's way into the United States.  

Influencers make money from brands depending on how many followers they have and how many likes their pictures receive.  One influencer in Australia called into a local radio show complaining about how they were going to have to work more than before.  “I used to work [on Instagram] six hours a day, but now I’m working eight hours a day because the Likes are going down!”  

 “I even make money off the airlines too. That’s how you get sponsored and get free flights too. Every thousand Likes we get, we probably get around AU$1,000. It all depends on the brand and how popular they are and how many Likes and followers we get.”  

Instagram has said that the reason for the new test ban is to create “a less pressurized environment” and hopes it will help the app feel “like a competition”.

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