Sleeping raccoon

Credit: Getty Images/Vronja Photon

Drunk Raccoons Stumbling In Canadian Neighborhoods

Raccoons Are Real "Party Animals" Spotted Tipsy And Hungover

September 9, 2019

Take a stroll around Stittsville, a suburb in a Canadian neighborhood in Ottawa, Ontario and spot “tipsy” drunken raccoons.  The inebriated raccoons have been spotted sleeping off their hangovers in broad daylight.

Residents in the neighborhood say they spotted raccoons wobbling and having a hard time standing up.  The animals appeared to be drunk.

According to experts, these normally nocturnal animals like to overindulge on fermented fruits, and are the likely cause of blame for their inebriation.  It is possible for animals to get “drunk” off fermented berries and other foods.

People are being advised to call animal control if the spot any more drunk raccoons, or other animals.

Via: Fox News