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Illegal Robocalls Could Face A Fine If Senate Passes This Law

November 26, 2018

A bill has been drafted for robocalls facing hefty fines if this law passes Congress.

Two senators from South Dakota and Massachusetts introdruced the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

What does this mean? If the act passes, this will give regulators extra time to find these annoying scammers, it'll also increase penalities to those who are caught, promote a stronger call authentications and blocking methods and to bring federal agencies to address impediments for criminal prosecutions to those who are caught. 

"The TRACED Act targets robocall scams and other intentional violations of telemarketing laws so that when authorities do catch violators, they can be held accountable," says U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). "Existing civil penalty rules were designed to impose penalties on lawful telemarketers who make mistakes. This enforcement regime is totally inadequate for scam artists and we need to do more to separate enforcement of carelessness and other mistakes from more sinister actors."

Let's hope that this will calm down the phone scammers, because they are really annoying!

To read more about the TRACED Act, click here.


via FOX 4