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If You Can't Decide On Your Baby's Name, There's A Service For That Now

June 20, 2019

As you may know, there's an abundance of websites out there that can help parents to be choose their baby's name. 

But now, there's officially a service to help those parents choose a name for them. 

The service is known as Future Perfect and was created by two moms, Macaire Douglas and Cara Sullivan, after they met at a playground and bonded over how their children have unique names.

“There are tons of sites where you can browse through hundreds of baby names, but there aren’t really any services that streamline the naming process,” Sullivan explained to PEOPLE. “We make it low-stress but also keep it super, super personal. It’s really [about] finding a name that aligns with you, your partner, your shared history and your separate histories.”

“We want to give you a bunch of options so you still feel like you’re naming your child,” Sullivan continued. “We respect that everybody likes different things. The point is not to give our favorite names, it’s about giving them the name they never knew they really wanted.”

Parents select one of the five services offered on, like the “The Riff” package.  It includes a quick questionnaire, a 15-minute phone consultation and a list of 10 name ideas, for $100.  "The Works" is a package for those really struggling to decide on a name and will run you about $350.  This has a more in-depth questionnaire, a 15-minute phone call, 10 first names and the reason for choosing them, 10 middle names and the reason for choosing them, a customized baby gift and on-demand follow-up calls.  

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