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Wife Crafts A Clever Way To Grab Husbands Attention, She Replaces His Face With A Dogs

Hysterical Wife Crafts A Clever Way To Get her Husbands Attention

August 28, 2019

How far is a human being willing to go to get what they desire? 

Kathy Leffler was very passionate about her mission.  She wants to adopt a dog, but her husband was not ready for a four legged companion to join the family. Kathy was determined to make her husband Michael jump on board with getting a new pet.  Check out what she did to persuade him.

Leffler, grabbed a pair of scissors and got crafty. 

She thought “It would be funny to replace her husband’s face in all the photos throughout the house to get his attention.”

The pictures did indeed catch Michael’s attention. He was surprised and impressed with his wife’s action and creativity.

The couple’s daughter Alyssa says, “My mom’s very funny!  He couldn’t stop laughing that my mom had gone that far.”

 Leffler’s husband has not committed to having a pup in the house yet, but Kathy is still determined in hopes her plan will eventually work and her husband will give in.

Source Via: The Dodo

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